Buy A Coffee Shop Franchise Or Start From Scratch?

A coffee shop franchise is a common option for some people who want to start a business. If you’re thinking of buying a franchise for your new coffee business, you might want to consider other options too. You can also start your own coffee house instead of buying an expensive franchise. Look at the benefits and disadvantages first before shelling out a huge amount for a franchise.

A coffee shop franchise often costs more than starting your own coffee house. Although a franchise is many times more expensive you can also benefit from the support that will be given to you by a large and stable company. This set-up may be more ideal for those with little business experience because a franchise company can guide you through the proper steps of starting a  shop.

Franchise companies don’t always keep their promises and in case they do not give that support they guarantee, you will be left to run the business yourself without any help. That’s like opening a business on your own. The sad part is, you paid opening a coffee shop many times more expecting it to be easier than starting from scratch. If you don’t want to take the risk and spend a horrendous amount of money on a franchise that might just leave you in the cold, you should just open a coffee shop on your own.

There are still some benefits to buying a coffee shop franchise like having a market that’s just waiting for your cafe to open. Franchise chains are popular in most households. Owning the brand name of your franchise gives you the advantage of being the first on people’s minds when they suddenly feel a caffeine craving. You won’t have to spend many hours and lots of money trying to promote your business.

Another benefit to buying a franchise is the ease of having everything you need within easy reach. The main franchise company will provide you with supplies, equipment, and furnishing at a snap of a finger. Again, you won’t have to hunt for suppliers or look for coffee machine dealers. The disadvantage to this is that if you get supplies from your own sources, you risk losing your coffee business and your investment. It’s usually against franchise rules to get supplies elsewhere.

Another problem regarding franchises is that many feel like they are too restricted and cannot implement their own ideas into the business. You can’t add or change items to the menu. Neither can you put personal touches to your coffee shop decor. You have to follow their rules at all times and sometimes that makes one feel that they are not the boss and can make you feel trapped and frustrated.

If you have dreams of owning a cafe but want to use your own ideas, design the shop yourself and create your own menu, you may be happier starting a business from scratch rather than buying an expensive coffee shop franchise. You can run a coffee shop the way you want to. You will probably spend a lot less starting your own coffee house than what the franchise fee costs.

Franchisees do have to pay royalties regularly aside from paying a large franchise fee and being forced to get supplies from the head office. It may seem like you are working to make money for other people. You don’t have to be in this situation by setting up your own cafe. The best advantage is the smaller cost of starting your own coffee house and being the real boss.


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