Cargo Pants Are Your Best Bet When Carrying Too Much Stuff Around

Your wardrobe must have witnessed the journey from boot-cut pants to straight-cut trousers, and in the recent times, from slim-fit to baggy ones. Fashion keeps changing and so there will always be something new to sweep your attention away.

But, the big question to ask is whether or not you are compromising on your comfort level in your endeavor to stay fashionable. Most women these days wear skin-fit pants because they look sexy in them but unfortunately, they can neither walk fast in them nor sit comfortably.

Another common problem faced is that the pockets are practically useless and that is true for most pants, be it boot-cut, straight cut, slim-fit, or skin-fit. It is because of such features, which make these pants unsuitable to be worn on active occasions. For example, if you want to go for a mountain trek, you will have to leave behind your skin-fit jeans and look for something more comfortable to scale the heights.

If you are thinking what you Birkin Style Bags shall wear in order to look fashionable and yet not compromise on carrying your essentials with you, then the solution lies in cargo pants. They might not be the latest in the fashion world, but they are functional and so they enjoy a consistent demand in the market.

Cargo pants are very loose by virtue of their shapes and so the front pockets are much larger than the usual pant pockets. Apart from this, there are several extra pockets along the length of the pant, which ensures that you can carry much more staff and do away with unnecessary baggage.

But, cargo pants are not just meant for the purpose of trekking. You can wear them at almost any casual occasion, be it a get-together with your old-school pals or an informal dinner party. Cargo pants are also perfect for college-going students. They can easily accessorize their daily outfit with nice broad belts and hoop ear-rings.

Ideally, bright-colored tees go well with cargo pants. Converse shoes will complete the effect. The skinny versions of cargo pants have become quite a rage in the market. If you are not really sure about the outfits that will match your cargo pants in the best possible way, then follow our short list of tips and tricks here.

In order to bring out a soft contrast, pair your cargo pants with colors like beige, rose, white, and other such pastel shades.

Wedges or high-heeled pumps work wonders with these pants. Clogs are another good option that you may consider.

You can pair your pants with gold junk jewelry to bring out a warrior-like effect.

Wear nail paints in shades that will help break the masculine effect of these pants.

Carry an over-sized leather bag to lend that extra oomph.


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