Choose a Stand For Successful Whitetail Hunting

The best way to bag a trophy is to ensure you see plenty of deer. The very best way to see as many deer as possible is to find a stand, sit there quietly and wait. When we say wait, we mean wait while making no possible noise.

Nature gave the whitetail deer exceptional vision, indeed their eyesight is legendary among hunters. In reality, their eye sight is more geared toward picking up motion than noticing stationery objects. That’s why it doesn’t seem to matter if we wear hunter orange, as long as we remain still. So sitting still, especially when the wind is in your favor, pays huge dividends.

I have fallen asleep while glassing a slope looking for animals in the warm sunlight. When I awoke, deer (and elk)were walking everywhere in plain sight! I have to tell you, this has happened more than once. Most hunters 5.7 green tip I know have been sitting down eating lunch or answering nature’s call when they look up and see big game. What was the common denominator? When I fell asleep or was eating lunch or doing my other business, I was quiet and still.

Choosing a stand can be tricky, especially in areas where the hunt pressure is high. Look for an area where there’s evidence of deer activity, a trail between known food sources and bedding areas, for example.

Other good locations for a whitetail hunt stand are at natural funnels in the terrain, where the movement of animals are restricted for one reason or another. These shallow depressions are commonly called saddles.

Similarly, placing a hunt stand a bit further out than the average Joe is willing to trek is a great way to bag a whitetail when the hunt pressure is at it’s highest.

Avoid placing a hunt stand near fresh scrapes – most whitetail deer do not revisit these and you could find yourself waiting a long time for nothing.

Another word of caution – if you are in your stand for more than eight hours and you haven’t seen any deer, be sure you’re masking your scent effectively. Either that, or you picked a poor spot to sit.

In short, if you choose your stand carefully, sit downwind from the deer crossing, remain motionless and just be patient, that perfect whitetail is bound to cross your sights.


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