How to Prepare Your Walls For Wall Graphics

First of all, just to set the record straight, wall graphics are also referenced by different names such as wall stickers, wall tattoos, wall art, and vinyl wall decals. No matter what you call these amazing wall applications, what you have here is a way to change the overall dynamics of a room in a matter of minutes, not hours.

Another advantage of these decorative wall decals is you can change the persona of a room in a matter of seconds. Just by rearranging the wall graphics stickers you already have on the walls or replacing them with an entirely different wall graphics theme. The same room will project a new and wondrous atmosphere.

These wall tattoos will stick to the surface of the wall and remain in place until you wish to remove them. At the time you wish to remove these decals, you may remove them without any noticeable marks on your walls.

The variety of wall graphics is so diverse that there are applications for every room in your home, including your living room, dining room, family room, den, recreation room, library, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. In fact, I have seen decorative wall decals on the interior walls of the garage. Of course, the garage decals had some sort of car theme which added a sporty atmosphere to the home of your parked car.

You should start out by selecting exactly what wall decals you wish to apply to your walls. All you have to do is go online and pick out a theme or fancy lettering or both for your decorative wall stickers. Then do a search for what is available. After you have made your choice and received your vinyl wall decals you can go on to the next step.

No matter what room you apply these artful stickers, in order to apply them correctly, you must prepare your walls so that your stickers remain in place. There is a certain technique to preparing the surface of your walls to assure that your wall graphics stay in place. This simple wall preparation can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.

By now you should have decided where you want to place your wall graphics on the walls of a particular room. A good way to test your positioning of the decals is to take masking tape and tape these stickers on the walls until you have decided what pattern makes you feel satisfied.

Now remove one wall decal at a time and with a dry cloth wipe off the surface of the wall where the graphic will be placed. After you have wiped the surface of the wall, slowly peel back the paper backing from the decal, starting from one corner until all of the paper backing has been removed.

Now apply the sticker to the wall. When you are satisfied that you have the decal in the correct position, with a dry soft cloth press the graphic against the wall starting from the center and sliding the cloth out to the edges. To remove any bubbles that may remain under the decal, take the edge of a credit card and gently brush the bubbles to the edges of the sticker.

Repeat the cleaning and application process for your remaining decals. After the first two graphics are finished and hanging on the wall, this procedure becomes easier and faster to do. You will find yourself finishing this form of wall decorating quickly and with little effort.


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