Infrared Sauna – A Critical Buyer Mistake Is to Ignore the Heater Quality

Infrared saunas are meant to product heat. This heat is expected to be produced in form of infrared rays. These rays would in turn penetrate deeply inside the body of the person enjoying the sauna session. And eventually the heat will create the sweat and lead to the entire set of benefits that are expected from an infrared sauna session.

So clearly, unless you get a sauna with a heater that can create just the right amount of heat, you would not be in a great shape to make the very best bang out of the buck you invest towards getting your infrared sauna. The heater needs to be an excellent one for all practical purposes.

First time buyers of infrared saunas often miss the above fact. Their lack of experience in analyzing and understanding infrared saunas with appropriate depth in knowledge and authority often makes them vulnerable to inflated sales pitches. So in other words, they would often enough be victims of sellers of infrared saunas with the most absurd claims possible. And then, depending upon how bad a sauna they were sold, they would end up either blaming their sauna or cursing the manufacturer of the sauna. Little would they realize what they would miss by not making an educated choice right in the first place.

How can one identify the right heater for their sauna? How can a sauna heater be classified as good or bad? More often than not, the real difference will lie in the material that the heater of the sauna is manufactured of. This will determine the intensity and amount of heat that the sauna will be capable of giving out. And that in turn will make the sauna earn a label of good versus not-to-good.

There are a number of types of heaters around. The quality of these heaters range right from top-notch to horrible. The problem of using a low-quality heater is that it will take an extremely long time to heat up the sauna, and in the worst case the heating may not be sufficient. However, with a good-quality heater, this problem will be easily eliminated. So bad, inefficient heaters will end up making you waste significant amounts of ineffective time in order to produce equivalent results of good, efficient heaters.

The far infrared heaters, the core building alkalinewatee blocks of the heaters of infrared saunas, can be made up of a number of different materials. Here are some of the elements below.

(a) Steel Rod Heaters (Incoloy): Heat emitters use reflector tray to compensate for most of the infrared rays flowing away from your body. But a significant portion of the infrared heat does not travel far enough to penetrate inside your body, especially after getting weakened because of the collision with the reflector trays. As a result, the sauna will develop internal hot spots (leading to a horrible experience of uneven heating) and an overall bad all-round heat coverage. It is strongly recommendable to avoid steel rod heaters.

(b) Ceramic Rods/Tubes: This is often the biggest point of confusion for inexperienced sauna buyers. Avoid ceramic rod heating at any cost no matter how much cheaper the sauna is – it is better to keep your money and not buy a ceramic sauna than spend your money on a bad sauna and harm your body. Ceramic saunas are cheap to manufacture and dreadful for your body. They are produced in lots as they are cheap to manufacture, making it easy for the seller to earn large percentage profits. The innocent first-time buyers are lured to these saunas as they get attracted by the low price tag, little realizing the devil that sleeps peacefully inside. Once again, avoid ceramic rod/tube based infrared sauna at any cost – the technology is completely outdated these days, and you don’t want red burn spots on your body.

(c) Carbon Fibre Sprayed Panels of Fiberglass: These are most often poor imitations of full-fledged carbon panels. They are thin, producing weak signals and lasting lesser. The panels are small and insufficient in number. Your body does not receive the desired heat. These are better than ceramic rod/tube based heating and steel rod heater based heating, but better avoided as the benefits of these heaters are not high enough.

(d) The ideal choice is Organic Carbon Fibre Panels: This is what you would want to choose. The carbon panels used here are large, thick and 100% organic flexible. The state-of-the-art Carbon Wave 360 technology with panels made of 20 proprietary minerals has been independently tested to provide an efficiency figure of 95% in emitting 8-10 micron strong signals (8-10 microns is the wavelength you would want for ideal penetration). The surface area coverage is maximal and the infrared energy absorption factor for your body is the best. Always prefer a high-quality sauna that will have heating panels 360 degree around you covering all around you. Prefer large front bench and floor panels. This will give you the maximum benefits in the shortest time period.

Clearly, organic carbon fibre panel based infrared saunas ought to be your choice. Carbon Wave 360 saunas are well-equipped to achieve the goal that any ideal sauna ought to have: to heat your body all round in a uniform manner. These heaters will generate infrared rays at the right wavelength (8-10 micron) that will give you the ideal penetration. So this is the right choice of heaters for your infrared sauna in order to enjoy the maximum possible benefits.



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