Laziness and Weight Gain

It can be easy to say that being lazy will make you gain weight, but it is harder to battle that laziness and lose the weight you’ve put on, especially if you do not understand why you have been lazy. The only way to make changes in your lifestyle is to understand what changes need to be made.

The Exercise Demon

This is where laziness gets us the most. Few average people like to exercise. It can be very easy to say that you don’t feel like it today, or you just don’t care about being fit. You want to lose weight, but there has to be another way, right? Wrong. You have to exercise in order to stay fit.

You can change this part of your lifestyle by simply forcing yourself to do what you know you need to be doing. It really isn’t that difficult to work some exercise into your daily routine. Go for a walk in the evening when it is nice outside after the hot sun goes down. Go for a jog in the cool of the morning when you first get out of bed. You can even exercise while watching television or listening to the radio. All you need is knowledge of some good body weight and aerobic exercises.

If you still find it hard to kick that laziness and get up and How Does Grief Counselling Work exercise, get yourself some motivation. Buy something nice in a smaller size and work your way down to that size. Or, you can take a picture of yourself before you gained weight and post it up on the refrigerator to stare you in the face every time you go for something to eat.

The Depression Mountain

One big cause of laziness and weight gain is depression. Depression can come from many sources. It can be situational, seasonal, or clinical. Situational depression can often only be fought by dealing with the situation at hand, be it a death in the family or the end of a relationship. You have to deal with your grief and move on with your life. As a side note, exercise actually elevates your moods, so if you can get off the couch long enough to do a bit of exercise you might find that your laziness dissipates somewhat.

Seasonal and clinical depression is often only treatable with therapy and medication. You should visit a good psychiatrist or psychologist to get your depression diagnosed and treated. Once your depression starts to go away you will notice that your level of laziness starts to decline as well. Your weight gain will decrease as your laziness goes away.

Freestylin’ the Lifestyle

You have to make changes in your overall lifestyle if you want to stop being lazy and gaining weight. You will need to stop playing so many video games, stop spending so much time in front of the computer, and stop watching so much television. Whatever the source of your laziness, you need to stop or limit your time in these activities. Instead, spend the time moving around, preferably out of the house. You will find that your mood is better and your weight gain stops completely when you make simple little changes such as these.

For example, you can easily change your lifestyle if you work in a desk job. You may still have to be at a desk all day, but you can change your habits when the work day is over. It can be easy to be lazy and sit around after a day of work, but when you sit all day doing that work it is detrimental to your health for you to sit around at home too. Take up a new hobby like gardening or even mall walking to help you kick the laziness habit.

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