Male semen analysis and its importance

Newly married men who have not had children should do a semen analysis of the man to find out if the man is infertile or not? This analysis measures the number, integrity and shape of sperm.

After a year of marriage without childbearing, despite following all the methods that lead to pregnancy, the couple must undergo some tests to find out the problems they suffer from. And the results of the analysis are not good, indicating infertility.

What is a man’s semen analysis?
Male semen analysis
When the husband goes to the doctor to be informed that nothing has happened, the doctor orders him to do a semen analysis for the man. If the man does not know what this analysis is? A different site tells you the following:

A semen analysis examines a man’s sperm by taking a semen sample and sending it to the laboratory for proper examination.
The first analysis that a doctor asks for when he suspects a man’s infertility is a semen analysis. A husband who has difficulty getting pregnant has to do it for reassurance.

The analysis examines many things related to the man’s semen. It examines the size of the sample taken from the man, and checks the time to liquefy the semen.

The analysis examines the number of sperm produced by the man during each intercourse, their shape, the safety of these animals, and their ability to mix with the egg.
The analysis checks the movement of sperm and the number of white blood cells in them to ensure their ability to enter the uterus, and checks the acidity level of the semen.
Reasons for a semen analysis
He wants men to know why they should have a man’s semen analysis? Among those reasons is to ensure the fertility of the man.
The main reason for undergoing this analysis is to know the extent of the man’s fertility and his ability to have children. This analysis is the first choice for those who have difficulty getting pregnant.
A decrease in the number of sperms produced by a man or a change in their shape leads to infertility. Therefore, the sperm count must be checked to ensure that a man is able to conceive.
Among the other reasons that push a man to do this analysis is to ensure the success of the vasectomy.
Some men want to voluntarily stop having children, so they undergo a vasectomy so that the man can no longer produce sperm.
Among the reasons for this analysis is to ensure the success of the vasectomy surgery performed by men to increase their fertility and eliminate infertility completely.
How to perform a semen examination
When conducting a man’s semen analysis, the man follows some of the steps the doctor imposes on him, which is ejecting the semen into a sterile laboratory cup.
The man can ejaculate into the cup in a room inside the lab, or he can ejaculate at home provided the sample is delivered to the lab within an hour of ejaculation.
The ejaculation is done in the cup by self-stimulation, and the man is prevented from using oils or paints to improve the arousal process so as not to lead to uncertain results.
A man can use a condom during the ejaculation process so that the semen does not spread around, but a condom must be used free of chemicals.
Before using the condom, it must be washed and evaluated well with water only and without putting any oily substances on it, and after the ejaculation is completed, its open end must be carefully tied to the cup.
Semen test results
When the man has ejaculated into the cup, the sample is examined inside the cup, and the results of the man’s semen analysis are visible within one day of the examination.
The normal sample volume is between 2 and 6 milliliters, if the sample size is smaller than 2, the man is likely to be infertile due to the presence of a varicocele.

The normal liquefaction time ranges between 20 and 30 minutes, and this time means the time when the semen is in its normal position and less viscous.

If the liquefaction time exceeds 30 minutes, it is possible that the man has a testicular infection, and this problem can be treated with drugs to eliminate infertility.
The normal sperm count is about 40 million sperm cells in the sample. If the sperm count is low, it is necessary for the man to undergo a vasectomy.
The shape of the sperm cells must be healthy at least 70% for a man to have normal fertility. If the sperms have two heads or are short, the man will be sterile.
Tips before a semen analysis
Male semen analysis
Before undergoing a semen analysis, a man must follow a number of tips for the results to be accurate. Laxatives should not be used when taking the sample.
The man should refrain from sexual intercourse or masturbation about three or five days before the test.

You should not abstain from sexual intercourse for a very long time, up to two weeks before the test, because this weakens the movement of sperm.

The doctor instructs the man to refrain from smoking or drinking alcohol, caffeine, and some medications that may affect sperm motility.
You should wash your hands well before you ejaculate into the cup so that the things in your hands do not mix with the sperm, and the outcome will change.


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