Outdoor Garden Fountains – The Perfect Addition to Your Garden!

Traditionally gardens, by their very name, have always included lots of plants. In fact, plants were the main focus and attraction. But in recent years, gardeners are adding lots of other fun and exciting additions to their outdoor spaces, as well. Outdoor garden fountains are one such beautiful accent. In some cases, they have also become the focal point in the garden.

Designed for use outdoors, gardening fountains come in many shapes and sizes. Some are very simple while others are quite ornate. In addition to their visual aesthetic appeal, outdoor garden fountains provide soothing natural sounds that appeal to the sense of hearing, as well. There are many different styles and designs of fountains suitable for use in the outdoors. Gardening spaces will be wonderfully enhanced when you select one to suit your individual style.

Outdoors, Gardening Fountains Provide Simple, Elegant Style

There are many very simple, elegantly styled outdoor garden fountains that look very similar to a multi-tiered birdbath when the fountain pump is not running. After you turn the fountain pump on and water cascades from one level to the next, there is no mistaking that even the simplest of designs are fountains and not birdbaths. Of course, sometimes the birds are a little more difficult to convince!

Outdoor garden water fountain created in this type of simple design may cost less than $100 and are generally very simple to install. If you do not want the cord running to the power source to be visible in your garden, you can dig a shallow trench underground and run the lines to the power source inside PVC pipe. You’ll need to cover the buried pipe and landscape or plant grass over the area you dug up, but that’s not too difficult. You could also hire someone else to do it for you, if desired. And simple fountains require very little maintenance.

Outdoor garden fountains that employ such a simple design do not usually need a direct water supply. You simply fill the fountain with water when you plug it in for the first time. The water is then recycled through the fountain. As the water evaporates-which can take more or less time depending on the climate in the area where you live-you can simply add more water to keep it full. Be sure you do not allow the fountain to run out of water completely as it will probably burn out the pump.

Outdoors, Gardening Fountains Can Also Be More Complex and Ornate

Just as outdoor garden fountains can be simple, they can also be very complex. Such models may require a direct water supply, a breaker system, and a higher level of power. Needless to say, these fountains and their installation will be considerably more expensive.

Large, ornate, and complex fountain systems are generally created and constructed on site. This means installation will generally require the skill and expertise of a contractor experienced in this area. It also means your yard and garden will experience some disruption for an extended time while the work is being completed. When outdoor garden fountains are this elaborate, homeowners tend to want a design that meshes well with the design of the home, or they will select a design that stands out to become the center of attention.

Some gardeners enjoy combining a fountain with a pond. Depending on the size of the pond, you will usually find the fountain will contain fish, even if you don’t specifically stock it with particular species. Since birds tend to bathe anywhere they can find water, birds that come into contact with your fountain may very well transfer fish eggs from one body of water where they previously bathed to your pond. If your fountain has an aggressive filtering system, these eggs will be removed and destroyed. However, lots of gardeners love to find the seemingly magical appearance of fish in their fountains.

Fountains Are For Everyone!

While some styles of gardening décor are very specific to an individual’s taste-such as pink plastic flamingos and garden gnomes-fountains have an almost universal appeal. You’ll never hear anyone complain that a fountain looks tacky or out of date. Fountains are timeless, elegant, and the perfect addition to every garden!



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