Setting a Budget For Antique Shopping

Shopping for antiques can be fun and interesting, yet also expensive. If you do not plan a budget before you go antique shopping, you might end up spending much more for your antiques than you can afford. That is why it is important to take your time and plan your antique purchase. If you take the following simple steps before you go antique shopping, you can save money.

Consider your financial situation

It is always important to consider your overall income and expenses when setting a budget of any kind. This is true even if you are only making a one time purchase. What other bills are due now, or will be due in the near future? Will your income cover those bills and the purchase of an antique? If you have credit available, it is not a good idea to simply set a budget that is the same amount as your credit limit. Your outstanding debts should only be a fraction of your total credit line.

Determine the purpose for the antique

Will this antique be a gift? Are you looking to add to your collection? Is this purchase going to be your one and only prize antique? If it is a gift, you will want to make sure that the type and size of the item is appropriate. This is also true if you will keep the Antique Clocks Shropshire yourself.

Determine the type and size of the antique

Are your interested in collecting antique furniture, paintings or sculptures? These will be more expensive than small antique lamps, pottery, silverware or coins.

Research comparable antique prices

You may want to browse for similar antique items online to find out how much such an item usually costs. Sometimes there is a range, so you should set a budget that is somewhere around the middle of the range. Note the ages and material differences between the highest and lowest priced items.

Determine a low and high price for the antique

Sometimes antique furniture, for example, can cost a few thousand dollars. Other times they can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Your budget should have a central range that is not quite the lowest or the highest cost. That is, unless you can afford to really spend a great deal on your antique purchase. Sometimes having a budget like this can save you money, because if you keep searching for something within your price range, you will probably find it.


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