Small Business Funding – Keep Your Money on Your Mind

It may seem easy to fund your business with the readily available money from credit cards today. However, you must be aware that the high interest rates on these loans can hamper the profitability of your company. Credit card companies will be on the lookout to penalize you if ever you cannot repay your loans, and this can turn into a financial trap for your venture. As an entrepreneur looking for ways to decrease your operations cost, high interest repayment is clearly not a good use of your financial resources.

Credit cards should be kept primarily for use in difficult periods, and certainly not as a capital source. Do not fall into the trap of “easy money” and jeopardize the future of your business. You would be better served seeking another source of financing and keeping your credit card usage to a minimum.

When you find yourself using your credit card too much, it is important that you analyze your spending patterns, as there are most certainly problems with your budget. These loopholes should be identified as soon as possible, in order to avoid negatively affecting the viability of your business. Indeed, your cash flow is the most important indicator of your quick business funding and it needs to be properly managed in order for your business to prosper.

When you are looking for investments for a particular business, it is a good idea to invest some of your own money in the enterprise. If you have faith in your idea there is no reason you should not be the first one to invest. If you, as the entrepreneur, do not feel confident enough to invest, why on Earth would another person invest in your business? You should never underestimate your financial capacity. Whatever the size of the required investment, there is surely a means for you to assemble the amount of money needed. It may be as little as $100, which you may consider a small amount, but as the saying goes: “a small step can go a long way.” This effort on your behalf will serve to show investors that you are determined to make your business succeed and above all, that you believe in the success of the venture. In fact, many investors or venture capitalists will require you to make some investment in the business – even as little as 1 percent. So do not be fooled by what you view as your financial limitations; believe in yourself to amass the necessary amount to reach your objectives.

One way to start saving money is to open a savings account with a commercial bank, and opt for a direct deposit to this account. In this way your money will be in the savings account before you are tempted to spend it. You should budget an amount that will go to the savings account and stick to it every month. Very soon you will see the account growing through the action of compounding interest. The account will also be a great testimonial for you when it comes to dealing with a potential investor.



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