Software Test Automation Framework – Some of the Major Factors

Software testing before release is crucial for any company to maintain its position among customers and partners. The software has to perform as well in every platform and scenario and should be a strategic element of the entire SDLC. Number of frequent revisions makes testing more sophisticated over time, becoming larger and larger proposition over time. The solution to this lies in the adoption of Automation Testing, which can be defined as the execution of a sequence of actions without human intervention. The goal of this process is to eliminate man made errors and provide faster results. Companies that choose to automate tests pass the threshold of profitability for the cost of labor, after only 2 to 3 sets of test. This is really good for performance testing, stress testing or repetitive application actions.

There are many factors responsible for the successful construction of a framework for test automation. The key elements are:

Commitment: Management must be actively involved in the test automation framework development.

Costs and budget: building a framework for automated testing budgeting needs.

Process: The process must be well defined, without ad-hoc testing and orientation defined for the test, test coverage and test criteria for each step.

Related Resources: To ensure that automation Framework development goes well, there should be a dedicated team.

Realistic: The management should be realistic and 100% automatic testing is not possible and that all test can not be automated. It will provide results after several cycles was performed and there is no immediate return on the investment for the construction of the Automation testing Framework.


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