Staging the Outside of Your Property to Sell Your Own Home Faster

If you are trying to sell property, without the expensive “assistance” of a real estate agent then you will probably hear and read quite a lot about the need to stage your home, at least to a certain extent, to make it a little more attractive to potential buyers.

There are those for sale by owner-sellers though who ask “Why would I have to stage my home in order to sell my house, the place is just fine the way it is.” This may be true in their opinion but not everyone is going to share their tastes and it really does help your chances when trying to sell your own home if you make at least one or two basic changes around the place to help it appeal to a far wider audience.

If you are trying to sell your own house it can be easy to overlook the state of the one area of your Realtor Marana that any potential home buyers will see first – the entrance to your home and the front garden.

So it is going to pay off if you cut the grass, trim the hedges, rake up all those leaves, do a bit of weeding and maybe even consider giving the front door a lick of paint. In other words anything to make it look a little more appealing to potential buyers seeing it for the first time. That does not mean you have to head to the garden centre and spend a fortune on new plants but of pot of plants by the front door might be a nice touch too.

If you have a large driveway if it is damaged in any significant way it may be a good idea if you speak to someone about getting it fixed. A good driveway is important to a lot of people and if yours is full of cracks and pot holes it may put them off the property before they ever get through the front door.

Here’s another little tip: If you are in the process of trying selling your property it is important that potential buyers can actually find your home if they decide to do a drive by. So if your house number is not very clear (or has fallen off altogether) a trip to the hardware store is called for to purchase a new set of numbers so that those potential buyers are not driving around in circles trying to hunt the place down.



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