The Beginner’s Guide to Fully Furnished Apartments

What are fully furnished apartments?

Fully furnished apartments, as is evident from the name, are apartments that are rented out or let out for lease along with accompanying amenities. These amenities include:

• Air conditioning units
• Water heaters
• Room heaters (in cold countries)
• Essential kitchen appliances and equipments
• Beds, mattresses, pillows, and the corresponding sets of bed sheets and spreads
• Television set
• Wireless internet
• Wardrobe
• Essential furniture (tables, chairs, couch, dining table, desks etc.)

The basic test of determining whether an Fully furnished apartments in Mid-Wilshire is furnished for real, or merely a semi-furnished apartment masquerading as a furnished rental, is to check out if the unit comes with all the basic necessities, and a few luxury items. In other words, the true test is this – when you move into an apartment, and there is nothing specific that you have to purchase on your own, in order to make it habitable, it means it is a fully furnished apartment.

In some cases, the furnished apartments come with curtains for windows, washing machines, and general cookware as well.

What are the various kinds of fully furnished rentals?

Fully furnished living spaces come in all shapes and sizes. Starting off small, there are fully furnished studios. Moving on to the apartment family, you can find one, two, or even three bedroom apartments that are furnished. There are also fully furnished villas and tree houses.

In most cases, corporate apartments and guest houses are always fully furnished, because they are generally occupied on short notice, and for shorter periods of time. In such a case, it would not be feasible to offer up unfurnished apartments, because it would be uneconomic and unrealistic to expect a guest, a visiting businessman, or a professional to spend their short trip looking for furnishings to make their place habitable.

What are the advantages of looking for a furnished apartment?

Although the price of furnished apartments and condos is relatively higher, there are two main advantages to these kinds of accommodations –

1. They save time, and in some cases, cost as well. You need not spend a week or two looking around for furniture and equipments. Also, the costs of purchasing each piece of furnishing individually is much higher than the compressed price that is included in the price quoted for the apartment.



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