The Best Fat Loss Programs

Many weight loss and fat loss experts are introducing new programs to consumers every year making it harder for people to decide on a program that will produce the greatest amount of fat loss in the shortest amount of time. Another problem people are having is choosing a fat loss program that will help them to lose weight permanently by burning fat naturally.

The first thing that one must understand is that losing weight and losing fat is not the same thing. Many weight loss programs have tricked people into thinking that it is the same, but most diets and weight loss programs only work by causing a person’s body to lose more muscle tissue and water than actual body fat.

Do you want to lose muscle tissue or fat, and do you want to lose fat permanently? How about losing fat naturally so you won’t waste money on expensive and unhealthy diet pills or formulas that only last temporarily (if they work at all)? A good diet plan is not a temporary fix; it is a permanent solution that you can stick to. Weight loss is a broad term. Just because the scale goes down does not mean your body fat went down too. Don’t be fooled!

There is one very important change that you must make starting today…

If you really want to lose body fat, then stop using the term “weight loss”; instead say “fat loss or fat burning”.

Below are 6 lessons that the best fat loss programs will teach you:

  1. Explain to you the difference between losing fat weight vs. losing muscle weight. If your fat loss program does not explain to you the process your body has to go through in order to burn fat, then more than likely your the plain is more focused on you losing muscle tissue, water, and protein. They don’t tell you this, instead they food you by saying how much “weight” or “pounds” you will lose in a short time frame. Think about where the weight is coming from.

(hint: Most fat loss programs that work will advertise themselves as fat loss programs. In other words, they will not use the term “weight loss” they will focus on words such as “fat loss” and “fat burning”.)

  1. Have an eating plan that is flexible and can be customized to fit your health needs. No two people are alike. Your eating plan should take your current health and fitness level into consideration. If the program’s eating plan can not be customized, then move on. Also, if the program is only about fat burning exercises, then that program isn’t right for you either. You absolutely must learn about fat burning nutrition along with working out.
  2. Have a fat burning workout routine. An eating plan is only one half of an effective fat loss program. You must include fat burning exercises if you expect to lose body fat weight permanently and in a healthy natural way. If the program is only about fat burning nutrition, then that is not a program, it is a diet. You don’t want a diet you want a complete fat burning program.
  3. Explain to you the importance of having Carbs, Protein, Fiber, Etc. in your diet. The best fat loss programs go in depth in explaining to you the functions of each of these vital nutrients and how they work together to burn fat quickly in your body. An effective fat burning plan will never trick you into believing that one nutrient is better than the other. The fact is, your body needs all the nutrients to perform certain functions. If you have too much of one and not enough of the other, then your body will not function properly which damages your health and your potential to burn fat.
  4. Explain to you how you will be able to keep the body fat off permanently and continue to burn fat. What is the point of losing fat if it’s only for a short period of time? You need to know how to continue to burn fat repeatedly. The key to permanent fat loss is by increasing your metabolism. This is also the quickest way to burn fat. Any program that is serious about permanent fat loss will explain to you about how to lose fat without destroying your metabolism.


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