The date of submission of the specialized officers of the Military College 2022 and the conditions for admission

Presenting the date for the full-time officials of the Military College in 2022, because the armed forces announced detailed controls for accepting a group of students from the Military College for the next academic year 2022/2021, and provided a checklist that provides an explanation of what is required to apply to the college, professional knowledge and the conditions for accepting university graduates in the college.

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War Academy 2022
According to Lieutenant-General Mohamed Zaki, Minister of Defense and Military Production and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, the Ministry of Defense announced the news today, Saturday, July 4, at the War College 2021.
It will receive a new batch of high school and high school graduates in the 2021-2021 school year.

In addition to graduates of public and private universities, technical (industrial) certificates for Al-Azhar Al-Sharif and their equivalent certificates were proposed, and in accordance with this decision, they were proposed by Major General Ashraf Salem Zaher, director of the Office for the Coordination of University and Colleges Admissions.
The Dean of the Military College and the Army announced the start of accepting applications for admission to the Military College, to find detailed information on the official website, and you can get it by clicking on the following link: .
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Date of submission and withdrawal of submitted documents
Through this article, we explain the date of submission and withdrawal of the submitted documents, and the duration of study at the Academy will be 6 months.
Academy graduates will also be appointed to the armed forces, and Lieutenant-General Sedki Sobhi (Sedki Sobhi) will be appointed Minister of Defense and Military Production.
However, a group of students from different universities will be accepted from different faculties (such as the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Law, and the Faculty of Business).
The College of Social Work, the College of Science, the College of Agriculture, the College of Sports, and the College of Art apply to the War College of Professional Officials from these universities.
The Office of Coordination of Admissions to the Military College and the College confirmed that the new batch of applicants to join the Military Academy in 2021 must have a high school diploma or a high school diploma and an equivalent certificate.

The overall percentage for the Department of Science or Literature is not less than 70%. In addition, the student must be under 21 years of age when applying, and if these conditions are met, any student can apply through the college’s military website.
It was originally scheduled to open the door to delete the file from the headquarters of the Military Academy near Old Cairo, starting next Saturday, July 18, but due to fears of overcrowding, the Ministry of National Defense decided to activate it.
The website of the Military School Admission Coordination Office 2022, effective Saturday 11 July 2021; For the initial registration of the data, an electronic file withdrawal date will be assigned to each applicant.
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A professional officer at the War College in 2022
The Military Academy also includes many disciplines, such as law, business, agriculture, information and information technology, media and journalism, economics and political science, and language schools (English, French, Russian, Hebrew, and Chinese).
Al-Alsun (any discipline), literature (psychology, media) but the student must be at least 24 years old when submitting the application, and only obtain a university degree in 2021 or 2019 this year.
Considering that the duration of study at the Military College is only two years.
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Conditions for joining the War Academy 2022
The applicant’s parents and grandparents must be of Egyptian nationality and must not obtain citizenship from applicants of any other nationality.
The student must not have been convicted of a criminal offense or a shameful crime.
proper behaviour.
One of the most important conditions is that the student’s height should not be less than 170 cm and the student’s height should not be less than 155 cm. The student may not resign or be dismissed from any military college or academy.
Applicants must not be exempted from military service due to lack of health and must be accompanied by a job offer.The applicant has passed the physical fitness test, and if he fails the first test, he will not be allowed to take the test again in the same batch.
Single and promised not to marry while studying
Jump from a height of 7.5 meters within 3 seconds of the jump command and pass the swimming test.
Pass psychological and physical tests.
Pass English and computer tests.
The student must have a higher degree from a public or private university rather than a research institute or college.
Study period at the Military College
The duration of study for all disciplines studied at the Military College is 6 months, as the door for withdrawing admission documents is opened through the Military College headquarters in Heliopolis.
In addition, the required majors are BA and BA degrees, students are accepted for the required degree, and graduates will be assigned the same degree that a student can apply for after graduation.
Even if the student obtains a postgraduate university degree in the field of human medicine during the training period, the student may also obtain master’s and doctoral degrees.
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Need a specialization
Lieutenant-General Sage Sobe, Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Minister of Defense and Military Production, agreed to announce the acceptance of a new batch of Egyptian university graduates.
As of May 2021, the required salary for that year is 113 physicians, 76 engineers, 64 graduates from comprehensive specialties, and 106 nursing directors.
As for the specializations required by the specialized officials of the Military College, they include applicants holding bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in the field of human medicine.
Applicable to physicians with master’s and doctoral degrees.
They can apply to teach at the Armed Forces Medical College, but they must have a requirement to be appointed as a faculty member so that their core majors are as follows:
Anatomy, biochemistry, pharmacology, internal medicine, public health, community and microbiological medicine, women and children, nursing fields (the group includes nurses with bachelor’s degrees).
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Reserve and corrected personnel and members of the armed forces who are currently serving can apply to the group under the same terms and conditions of control, and applicants must have a postgraduate diploma, master’s degree or doctorate degree in the same discipline.


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