Tips on Wigs For Women Undergoing Cancer Treatments

The loss of hair, partial or complete, is one of the most common side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, and it is considered by the majority of women as the most physically and emotionally devastating results of cancer therapy. Many women feel that the loss of hair is as difficult to deal with as the diagnosis of Cancer.

Choosing the right wig can be a difficult decision. It is important to go to a center that offers complete privacy and individual attention and with staff that has experience and understanding dealing with women with cancer.

If possible, before a woman starts her treatment or before she looses her hair, is for her to visit a hair loss center that specialized in women’s hair loss acceptably chemo treatments and give personal assistance. This way, the specialized wig technician can match colour, texture and style of her hair and have her look 95% like herself. This may not be the time to change hair colour or style dramatically. We encourage our client to bring a friend or family member to help her choose that right wig and to give her support and assistance.

Synthetic wigs or a blend of synthetic and human hair are a better choice for a temporary hair loss. Wigs today of light, airy, realistic looking and feels like human hair. They are easily styled and cleaned allowing for simple home maintenance and are not as expensive as human hair wigs.

Alternative head coverings such as turbans, scarves and hats are perfect as an alternative to wigs. There will be moments in our client’s day that wearing a wig is not comfortable. And note that hair keeps our body heat in and she may feel cold, especially at night. A soft cotton headcovering will be very comfortable and convenient to sleep in.

Loss of hair is considered by most company’s insurance policies a reimbursable expense as a necessary part of the rehabilitation process. The first step to get reimbursement for a wig is to have an oncologist write a prescription for a (cranial hair Prosthesis required for physiological side effects of hair loss due to chemotherapy treatments or cranial radiation.) It is important for the word prosthesis to be on the prescription and on the sales receipt so that the insurance company knows that this is not for fashion purposes. Also, the hair loss center where you purchase your wig will need a copy of the prescription in order to exempt you from the PST.

As an extension of herself, her wig should be a perfect blend of the latest hairstyle, attitude, lifestyle, versatility and convenience. Like anything new, a wig takes getting used to. A woman should give her wig a fair trail, and it will become as familiar as any other item in her wardrobe. She will wear it with pride and elegance.

Depending on the type and duration of her cancer treatment, new hair will eventually start to appear. Expect new hair to grow at a rate of about a half an inch a month and will have a slightly different colour and texture.

It is generally recommended not to colour or perm new hair. She will need to wait at least 4 months for colour and one year for perms or relaxers. This will ensure the health of the new hair and avoid breakage.


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