Top 5 Reasons To Consider Yoga Teacher Training From India – The Very Best For Your Career Choice

Yoga as a career choice is flourishing with each day. Every year the urban population of the word is subjected to an increase in the level of pollution as well as stress to keep up with an unreliable economy. However, when you consider a teacher training for yoga, you have to consider the field in its entirety. You cannot just consider basic experience for yourself, because to teach, you will need the maximum level of experience that you can collect. This is where the source of your training comes into play. You will need to consider the best institutes to get the most intensive and explored form of 200 hour yoga ttc in rishikesh.

India has long been the source of yoga and till date, it has maintained the tradition of fine training in the art of meditation and advanced yogic asana for various enthusiasts. However, you might consider yoga teacher training from India, an exhaustive enterprise. Here are 5 top reasons to help you understand why you should consider the efforts and how they can help you better your career prospects in the field.

India – the birthplace and optimum standard for yoga

Being the birthplace of yoga, India has always been the standard by which all yogic practices have been measured. The ancient form of mudras and asanas have been kept alive and been practiced for many years by the yogic gurus of the country. Many states of the country have kept alive their versions of yoga and the traditions have been maintained by the specific ashrams in North and South India with celebrated Gurus often doing international rotations to acquire consistent disciples for the form.

Authenticity and level of competitive edge in the career

Almost anyone with an authentic certificate can apply for a yoga teacher position with the premier institutes and studios in major European and USA based metros. However, the competitive edge in the market is so high that often the scrutiny process has to begin with perfect scores on all the certificates. In such a situation, to find out the gem from all the applicants, the major factors that are considered are the source of training for the teacher. In such a situation an authentic certificate for intensive yoga teacher training in India (authenticated by the International Yoga federation, can further your prospects immensely).

The training environment

The training environment in India is specifically suited for intensive expert levels. The various ashrams are situated well away from the hustle of the cities. They provide accommodation and pure food that will soothe and alleviate your mind and body. You will also have the wonderful opportunity of enjoying a peaceful retreat during your intensive training.

The economic factor

The total cost of extensive Yoga teacher training in India is very competitive as compared to the many other studios and institutes on the international arena. You will also find that the cost of living in the country is also greatly affordable during your training here.

Respite to concentrate purely on the training

With your presence in the country solely concentrated on your training, you will get a much needed respite from your actual career and lifestyle to start afresh. You will also get a respite to concentrate completely and acquire the finest training for your future.


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