Wearing a Denim Jacket is Cool Again

Forget all you think you know about denim jackets and the people who wear them. You might have thought that denim used for jackets was a fashion accessory only for rednecks, rough necks, people stuck in the past, or country music fans, but you’ll have to give up that thought because the denim jacket is back, and it is hot! It seems that jackets made of denim, once so popular, fell to great lows and were very out of style but have been gone from the scene long enough to now make a triumphant comeback. Designers have come out with many hip and trendy jackets, which are worn by models and celebrities, which now come to the common person. It makes you wonder why people gave up on them in the first place- denim is not great for really cold weather, but they feel good to wear, with a visceral stiffness and heaviness that makes a person feel just a little tougher when they put it on- that’s why tough guys (or just guys who want to look tough) never stopped wearing denim up top. The cowboy of our imaginations would have nothing to wear without his denim jacket.

While designs for men’s Denim Jacket remains relatively unchanged, women have many new and exciting choices, which is the norm when it comes to clothing. One of the hottest items on the scene is the cropped denim jacket, which is a short jacket that comes to and end around the bottom of the ribcage. This would look unacceptably odd on the male figure, but it really accentuates a woman’s waist, making it appear slimmer in contrast to the bottom of the jacket, which tends to flare out. The popular styles for women are all form-fitting, and some are even elegant. Wearing cropped denim up top is all the rage these days, and it allows for some creative layering underneath, creating a look that may be simple or fancy. It’s really very amazing how removing some fabric in key places makes for a very appealing garment.

Boys and girls of all ages can appreciate the virtues of a good jacket made of denim, as they lend themselves to physical activity by not overheating the wearer. Because denim is a tough material, it can also protect rambunctious youngsters from falls and scratches.

One warning when wearing a jacket made of denim, is to avoid double denim. You don’t want to be caught wearing the same thing up top and down below, lest you should become a fashion victim. That’s one of the things that contributed to the downfall of the denim jacket in the first place. We want to avoid doing that again, so that we can continue wearing these wonderful jackets.


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